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About Me

I grew up in Lake Placid, New York and started skiing at age two. In 1985 I moved out to Colorado to sample Western skiing and eventually ended up in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1991. Have been here ever since; have also enjoyed skiing many other areas in North America and Europe.


In 1998, after about 2000-plus days of skiing, my joints were sore and a desire to do something else with skiing was forming. I was sick of seeing "poser" powder shots and wanted to start showing people what was really happening in the sport of skiing. I didn't know damn thing about photography but was full of ideas that I wanted to capture on film. I bought an old Nikon F3 and just started to shoot and after a few rolls started to get the hang of it. In the winter of 1999 I became the main pioneer of the legendary "Chad's Gap," bringing the jump to the world in a two-page spread in Powder magazine. Since then my photos have graced many ski and snowboard publications throughout the world.


I'm constantly exploring for new sites to shoot for skiing. As part of my search I kept on coming across old buildings and mines. The next thing I knew I was a mile underground checking out old mining equipment that hadn't been seen since the turn of the century. I knew I had to capture this with my camera, because it is disappearing by the second from rust, rot and mine reclamation. The government leads you to believe that if you go in mines and old buildings you will die. Going underground is a risk just like getting up every morning. I take precautions, such as an air monitor, enough lights, partners and not being stupid.


I'm always pursuing commercial and editorial work. The word impossible does not exist in my vocabulary. My work ethic and eye to detail separates me from the rest.


All images on this site are for sale for whatever means you need them. Please contact me for any questions, comments, special ordering requests, etc.


I hope you enjoy the images I've captured above and below ground.


Thanks, Brent



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